Expert of nothing?

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Expert of nothing?

Post by sergeyrar » Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:54 pm

About 3 years ago I started my career as a network-engineer/QA-engineer for a big company.
The company got into some kind of a "hold" state for about 6 months, because of uncertainties related
to its product, and customer(s) etc.
In this time period lot of people, mostly software developers, got bored and scared so they left.
But not me, I used that time to learn new things and develop myself.
In this time period, I started drifting to other topics, and started researching other areas related to computer science -
which include: programming, computer architecture, operating systems etc.
My curiosity led me to really get deep (relatively) into these topics, and I even took a course related to them.

So 6 months have passed and our company got into more trouble, which eventually led it to split into three different companies.
From this split, two companies went bankrupt. Fortunately I was in the one that survived.

A total of 15 employees out of 100 were left, and none of them were software developers.
So eventually, I was lucky enough and I got the opportunity to start, on top of my current job, also to write code.

So now, Sometimes I do things related to writing code, sometimes I do things related to writing test plans (QA engineer realted work)
and other times I do things related to network engineering.
I go with the flow of things... I just want our company to finally break through and succeed,
so I do whatever is asked from me, and help where I can.

But I wonder, if this "going with the flow" won't eventually harm my career as " ... " I even don't know what it is anymore!
I feel like I'm split between 3 professions.

From one hand, I'm not in a position to ask for being a programmer exclusively, since I don't have enough experience.
From the other hand, I'm not even sure its the right way anymore,
since I already got some years of experience in the QA/network engineering fields (which I also kind of like).

As the expression goes-
"better one bird in the hand than two in the bush"

I feel I might lose the bird in the hand.

What should I do?
I can't decide.

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Re: Expert of nothing?

Post by dijmart » Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:47 pm

You could keep going with the flow and building experience in multiple IT areas, which looks great on a resume I think or get another job where you are solely responsible for one area. This choice I suppose would depend on how willing you are to leave your company and how available jobs are in your area for what you do. Only you can make this decision, as there are "likes and dislikes" involved in the choice and you are programmed differently, then another.
Take what you like and leave the rest.

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