Fire fly stage

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Fire fly stage

Post by dijmart » Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:47 am

The mind's default setting is to identify with previous (pre-awakening) mental tendencies after Self realization. So, even when you've realized your true nature "as" awareness. The mind's tendency will be to also identify with the body/mind as one's real self also.

This is called the fire-fly stage, because you blink on as awareness at times, then blink on as "the person"...on/off, on/off...until the knowledge that you are awareness, not the apparent person... is firm.

Once firm, playing your role as "the person", isnt problematic, because you know that although the "person" exists, its not ultimately "real". It's the thought that it's "real" that causes the identification and suffering.

So, how to make the knowledge firm? The knowledge gained through Self realization (awakening) and the teachings needs to be assimilated by bringing the knowledge/realization to every object/thought/feeling and experience one has in life.
Constantly discriminating between what is "real" (awareness) and what's unreal/illusion (person/world).

Does the "person/world" have value? Of course, as this is a nondual reality, but the basics have to be discerned to enjoy, without suffering. That is unless you don't mind suffering?

I'm in the assimilation phase myself, so Vedanta is where I got the main points I've mentioned. :wink:
But, I wrote the post, so if there are any errors, I'm to blame! :mrgreen:
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