Hello from New Hampshire, USA

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Hello from New Hampshire, USA

Post by kharr1sma » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:02 pm

Hey, forum Folke,

Eckhart's books have impacted my way of looking at my life like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. AA got me to looking at myself in general, and thinking along spiritual lines, and then this book literally falls at my feet: I'm helping the wife clean off the overhead bookshelf, and when I pulled down a handful of books, SLAM! There's this book not an inch from my right foot. "The Power of Now."

I had seen it before, but being all caught up in my own little mental melodrama, I paid it no attention. This time, when I picked it up, I scanned the book-cover synopsis... and couldn't put it down for three days. Then got ahold of "Practicing the Power of Now," and then "Stillness Speaks," and "A New Earth." I keep hoping to find more, but y'know, really everything, and I do mean everything, one needs to know can be found within these covers. It's inspiring and enlightening to read about it all, but sooner or later one has to get down to brass tacks and actually begin the work... which is about where I am now. It's frequently daunting, realizing just how much work needs to be done, and already discouraging to be starting out on this journey so late in life (just turned 65,) but I guess it's as they say about the journey of 1000 miles starting with a single step. And I guess I'd rather be on this path late, than to have never found it at all.

I've run into a number of folks who have heard of Eckhart, or who have read one of his books and thought it "nice..." but nobody who was impacted the way I was, and I started searching for any kind of forum related to the subject... and washed up here.

I'm so glad you're all here, and that now I'm here too. Maybe together we can progress faster than we can alone.

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Re: Hello from New Hampshire, USA

Post by kiki » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:28 am

Welcome to our community, kharr1sma. Glad you found Eckhart's teaching, which I'm sure will be beneficial to you. There's another teacher out there who has written a book on the same thing, but he's coming at it from the angle to help people who have substance abuse like he did. He actually was a poster here a long time ago, and then went out onto his own as a teacher in his own right. His name escapes me, but I'll track it down and let you know about him.


OK, I found him. His name is Scott Kiloby. Here's a link to Amazon for one of his books.

https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Rest-Add ... +and+scott

Here's a link to one of his youtube videos: https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Rest-Add ... +and+scott

Good luck.
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Re: Hello from New Hampshire, USA

Post by Enlightened2B » Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:28 am

Welcome to the forum. Decades worth of posts here for you to explore or you can just start posting now. Either way enjoy your stay here.

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