I need clarification, who can help? (2)

This is the place to post whatever questions you have related to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. The rest of us will do whatever we can to help you achieve a better understanding :)
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I need clarification, who can help? (2)

Post by Dev » Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:45 am


Again, I thank here all those who have shared their insight into the topic posted by me yesterday.

I have one more here, and I guess that will be all for the time being.

....That is about body awareness....

I have gone through umpteen books which tell us to be aware of our breath ...how our belly rises and falls with each breath, the air passing through our nostrils etc...


The simple, but most profound difference is that Tolle stresses us to STOP THINKING about breathing and START FEELING about it and that makes the huge difference.

All these years, identifying with my thoughts, I never used to "feel" the belly rising and falling, but I always used to "think": "here my belly is rising and falling, here, the air is passing through my nostrils" etc.!

And what sort of a HUGE difference it made when I started to FEEL my breath and stopped THINKING about my breath!

And that is the reason, I am so impressed by Tolle and that is the exact reason WHY I AM HERE :D

However, here is my doubt:

Tolle asks us to feel the various parts of our body and start feeling/being aware of the energy within each ( the inner body)

Honestly, I am not feeling ANYTHING like an energy. At the most I am feeling is that some parts of my body exist, or some are aching or itching :( or I do not feel some part of my body at all :shock: ( like the ears)

Agreed, that Tolle says that this is the initial step to go, starting to recognize the tingling sensation etc, but I do not seem to go any further! :( I am at it now for more than a fortnight.

Can anyone share how it feels/or how to go about it?

Thanks always,


Aug 19 2007, early morning

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Post by Webwanderer » Sun Aug 19, 2007 4:26 am

Hi again Dev,

There is little point in picking things apart like you are doing. The point in feeling rather than thinking is to put one in direct contact with the experience of this moment. Each moment will contain its own dynamics and content. Allow awareness of all your senses without analysis and live fully in the experience. It's not that there is anything wrong with thinking, it's that at this stage of understanding, thinking tends to be hypnotic and distracting from the actual experience of the moment.

You will eventually reach a tipping point where clarity and presence will prevail, and you recognize your Natural State. Until that point is reached allow awareness, rather than analysis, to transform your experience.

It is clarity of presence that you seek.

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Post by Seancho » Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:11 am

hey Dev..

Get relaxed and hold your hands away from your body in a relaxed and comfortable way. Now close your eyes.

How do you know that your hands are still there? How do you know that your feet, legs and body are there?

Thats energy.
If you stop believing in fear, is it still scary?

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Post by kiki » Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:21 am

The value of the portals is not necessarily to gain something through them (like how the inner body feels) but to have the realization that you aren't what goes on in the mind. When attention shifts away of the "idea of me" through a portal that realization has an opportunity of unfolding.

What's important is the shift away from thought-stream identification - then there isn't "my" breath rising and falling, but breath seen rising and falling; then there isn't "my" thoughts coming and going, but thoughts seen coming and going; then there isn't the faint tingle of "my" body, but a faint tingle in the body being felt, and none of it is following some prescribed condition set up by the mind. Sights are then seen, taste buds tickled, physcial sensations felt, and so on to nobody in particular, but within an open field of quiet awareness that is the authentic you.

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Post by enlighten » Sun Aug 19, 2007 7:06 am



Post by Dev » Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:50 am

Thanks Seancho and webwanderer ( the moderator)

Webwander, you have said "There is little point in picking things apart like you are doing. The point in feeling rather than thinking is to put one in direct contact with the experience of this moment."

While I do understand your point, this could be because I have at least started all this with a slightly different goal. I do not deny that the points made by you could be my goals later on, but I have to point out that I have started all this given the background of my health and my immediate goal here is to quieten the mind and achieve more relaxation, and then climb ladders further.

I hope you would appreciate that at this stage it could be difficult for me to grasp or at least experience certain clarifications given to me in this and in my earlier post.

To make matters more clear from my side, I see these as two different exercises ( probably stepping stones to more realization) which have shown me that there are ways to quieten my mind which I have not been able to all these years.

By watching my mind, for the first time in decades, I have realized that the mind at least is quietening for a few moments which it has not for years.

Also the feeling of the breath has given me a relaxed feeling, and that is why I thought this goal of realising the inner energy body, I thought would bring me more relaxation.

I wonder whether you would appreciate that given my state, what is more important is to learn to quieten my mind and also to achieve more relaxation, and then move up the ladder. For me moving up the ladder is not possible without first taking these steps which I presently see only as two exercise forms, viz:

1) Being aware of the thoughts, increasing vigilance and awareness and promotion of mental calm.
2) Being aware of the body, leading to bringing you more into the now and also bringing in more relaxation.

In fact Tolle himself has suggested the therapeutic benefits of both.

I have asked both these questions precisely as guidelines as to how to go about it ( something like in terms of insight meditation) and not otherwise, though I do appreciate your explaining to do these with the final goal ( not " my tongue tingling" but " the tongue is tingling" ).

Right or wrong, honestly, my immediately goal is to bring more clarity into my mind ( oh! I am I repeating the mistake of referring to the mind again as me?!?! :D ) and also to bring about increased relaxation and serenity.

I think I can take my next steps only after this.

Thanks again so much,


Aug 19th 2007


Post by Dev » Sun Aug 19, 2007 12:11 pm

By the way kiki, webwanderer and others,

I have been new to this forum and have started reading your postings to others who have posted similar queries. I am finding them very helpful indeed! In fact I will be cut+pasting then in a word document and printing it so that I can always read it when need be.

However, if you have anything specific to tell me....oh! you are most welcome.



Aug 19 2007 evening

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Post by JD » Sun Aug 19, 2007 2:22 pm

Dev wrote:However, if you have anything specific to tell me....oh! you are most welcome.
Hi, Dev. I have something specific to tell you.

A few years ago I was barking mad (as we say here in England). :D

Had I been foolish enough to seek medical "help", I have no doubt at all that I would have been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

I would have been pumped full of industrial-strength tranquilizers until I became a zombie.

Fortunately, I had a spiritual orientation, stayed away from doctors and never lost hope of finding a cure.

ET, or rather, presence, turned out to be the cure for me.

And, as presence worked its healing magic, I made a truly astonishing discovery, which you may find interesting.

I'd thought that fear and madness had destroyed my mind.

Like you, I wanted peace more than anything and I completely understand your statement that:
Given the background of my health, my immediate goal here is to quieten the mind and achieve more relaxation, and then climb ladders further.
What I discovered with the arising of presence was that beneath all the fear and madness was a layer of deep, unending bliss that had remained wholly untouched by everything that had gone on in my conscious mind.

The intense feeling of peace and joy was pure ecstasy after a major breakdown and years of intense psychological suffering.

This layer of the mind is pure awareness - the still, deep waters of consciousness - and the storms that rage on the surface have no effect on it at all.

It's there in every one of us and we enter it through the space between our thoughts.

When we can enter it at will (and this is a trick - like learning to ride a bicycle - which, once learned, is never forgotten) we are home; safe from all harm.

It's not difficult to do. ET gives us everything that's necessary.

If you can't feel the energy of the inner body don't worry about it.

Most of us have completely deadened ourselves to the trillions of bodily sensations that are present at every moment.

This is probably because most of them have no survival value.

It takes time to recover sensitivity to normal sensations, never mind the more subtle sensations of the inner body's energy.

To experience energy, or, prana, try rubbing your hands together very briskly for thirty seconds or more. Many healers do this to concentrate energy in their hands before a session.

Then let your hands hang loosely at your sides and you should feel energy tingling inside them.

That's what the inner body will feel like when your sensitivity returns.

And as you go further into the Body of Light, you'll find that it contains many deep wonders and mysteries.

You'll also discover that there are no "next steps" and no "ladders to climb further".

There's only the unfolding of Being.

Just give yourself time. :)


Post by Dev » Sun Aug 19, 2007 2:29 pm

Dear JD,

Honestly, I feel I have got hold of an enlightened support system which I lacked all these years.

I am so very thankful for your senstive and relevant sharing.

As mentioned somewhere else, I will print all these and keep in my view.

I feel I may start seeing a new ray of hope in my life....if it happens, then I have to tell you it will be after 32 years....... I am 50 now.


Aug 19 2007

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Post by anton » Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:05 pm

dev, you're on an endless loop of analysing pointers. The analysis of pointers is pointless, says ET. Here are practical tips for you for your consideration:

1. get ET's DVDs, any of them would do, watch many hours u can.
2. get ET's audio CDs, listen to them many hours you can.
3. feel your breathing for 10 seconds very attentively. (pls dont ask why).
4. repeat #3 thru out the day, here and there, at traffic jams, waiting lines, waiting for bus,
5. when the wind hit your face, feel it fully. be in that sensation fully.
6. when a loud noise hit your ears, hear it fully. let the noise be.
7. when a strong emotion arise, just be with it, let it be fully.
8. when a thought arise, shift your attention to your breathing. (in order to avoid thinking the thought). stay on with the breath.
9. just watch the space in your room, or around you. watch the space in the sky. watch the space behind the coulds. just look.
10. and if you need an intense boot camp for breath/body awarness training, attend this 10 day free silent retreat ( http://www.dhamma.org). would be very helpful.
11. and if you feel like asking more questions, just let the urge to be, let silence be there.
12. and if death were to visit you now, shift your attention to your breathing, and let death happen, and you will be at peace.

hope this helped. welcome to the forum.

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Post by moonmissy » Thu Aug 23, 2007 9:51 am

When all questions and curiosity ceases about "now". You will find peace.
Acceptance is the door, surrender is the practice.

Say "yes" to everything that arises in you and watch it go by, you will find peace.

Good luck
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I need clarification -2

Post by redindira » Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:00 pm

I have been practising inner body awareness after I read PON and The New Earth recently.It just takes me a few minutes to get into this awareness .I lie flat on my bed in the yoga nidra pose and take a few deep breaths. Than i focus my mind through the centre of the forehead(Agna chakra) to my whole body . I am aware of the energy moving through the whole body , every finger, toe, head,limbs etc.Sometimes the sensation is like a child being swung in a cradle. sometimes I am aware of the empty inner space and i imagine myself being a luminous body. I practice this every night and i am off to sleep in seconds after I practice this. It is indeed a very pleasant awareness. Ofcourse I would not know at this juncture,whether this would eventually lead me to awareness of the self.

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