Issue 40 of 'What Is Enlightenment' May-July '08

Issue 40 of 'What Is Enlightenment' May-July '08

Postby Sighclone » Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:46 am

Just an FYI -

Yes, Cohen is very commercial and all over the place, and his interview with Eckhart was choppy and abrasive. But this issue has a very revealing interview with Deepak Chopra and another with Ken Wilbur, and a good article on the universe.
Oh yes, he has a blurb about the Oprah webinars with a plug for WIE at the end, of course...

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Re: Issue 40 of 'What Is Enlightenment' May-July '08

Postby entelechy » Wed Apr 30, 2008 12:17 pm

I have subscribed to WIE magazine before and I have found their articles interesting. Ken Wilber remains one of my favourite writers. He can be very cheeky and irreverent, which I find quite funny.

I like Cohen's writings, however I find that as a teacher he doesn't resonate with me as much as Eckhart or Wilber does. Still, any teaching may be useful.

In this video, Cohen and Wilber were entertaining questions from their audience. A young woman expressed frustration about an issue she has. Check it out, it's rather interesting to observe the difference between how Cohen handled the question, in contrast to Wilber, and so provides a refreshing take of the same situation. Same message, different perspective:

In this video, Andrew Cohen stated that the authentic Self is only concerned with the future. I took it to mean that he meant pure awareness or 'the Witness' or Being when he said "authentic self":
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Re: Issue 40 of 'What Is Enlightenment' May-July '08

Postby kiki » Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:28 pm

An interview in WIE magazine in 2000 by Cohen was my first encounter with ET. The interview mentioned TPON, and since I was in a bookstore when I was reading the magazine I checked the shelves. There was one copy, so I sat in a couch and started reading. It didn't take more than a few minutes before I sensed that this was just what I needed. Ironically, I was on the very precipice of abandoning my spiritual quest in dismay. Instead, I abandoned my spiritual quest in joy, the joy of the present moment. For me there couldn't have been a more serendipitous moment.
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Re: Issue 40 of 'What Is Enlightenment' May-July '08

Postby James » Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:29 pm

I saw Andrew Cohen speak in person back in the early 90's. I found him to be dynamic and entertaining, although a bit cerebral. I know there has been quite a bit of controversy over some of his actions. I don't doubt that he has made some of the mistakes others have indicated, in fact he admits that he has been a little harsh or stern on some students, particularly those in his spiritual community. He justified it as sometimes necessary to get through to students, (kind of like Jesus who is sometimes portrayed in the bible as throwing fits). There is an article at about Cohen, ... al_teacher) which mentions some of the criticisms; and also there was a website devoted to bashing him called What Enlightenment?, which was started by a former editor of Cohen's magazine. I am sure there are two sides to the stories, this blog only gives the version from one perspective.

But I think Andrew Cohen has worked to atone for his prior actions. I believe he is sincere and committed to authentic awakening and has helped many others. It seems he jumped into the teaching business before he was really ready. The late Indian master, Papaji initially gave Cohen his blessings to teach, but then retracted it after some issues arose. I think what is the most important lesson to learn here is that often times the ego will hijack a teaching, if the teacher is not truly ready or equipped to teach. It happens a lot. Look at all the gurus that have been involved in scandals.

I continue to like Cohen though, and can overlook his short comings. I still find his teaching to be too cerebral for me, but when he speaks, he is interesting to watch, and has a kind of positive vibration that can be energizing. He has some good videos on youtube recently. I don't know much about Ken Wilbur, I came across a Ken Wilbur discussion forum a while back, I didn't quite get what they were talking about, the terms they were using were foreign to me. I know my wife has a few of his books. The magazine What is Enlightenment has been popular and offers many diverse articles, on various teachers and their approaches. It is kind of like a grocery store for guru shopping :D Perhaps Cohen is a better magazine editor/publisher than a teacher, just my little me opinion. If others find Andrew Cohen's teachings helpful, that is all that matters, no need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

I also have mixed feelings about Chopra, I liked the recordings Higher Self, and Escaping The Prison of the Intellect; Sacred Versus and Healing sounds is beautiful also. His recent book, Third Jesus, sounds very worthwhile for those wanting to understand Jesus from a mystical standpoint rather than a literal bible one. But A lot of Deepak's books are about manifesting things and affirmations, that has never worked well for me. To each their own.

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Re: Issue 40 of 'What Is Enlightenment' May-July '08

Postby erict » Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:24 pm

kiki wrote:I was on the very precipice of abandoning my spiritual quest in dismay. Instead, I abandoned my spiritual quest in joy

Beautiful! :)
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