still seeking "it"

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still seeking "it"

Post by void » Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:50 am

i can say that now is all there is.. but i still find a subtle thing insde that thinks ill find the truth someday.....see the light someday.... in beautiful moments i really do exist in the now. and want to stay there consciously... but in darker times when things go wrong , i start looking for something else....
If i get signals from my wife that she is in romantic mood(think you know what i mean) i start looking "forward " to that... Anyone can say anything , but there is a difference between a mental "knowing" and a real "knowing" when there is a connection. Im 34 now , and only a few years ago i was sat in a local park, when i suddenly realized that the grass was green! what a big realization after 30 odd years!... what i mean is that for a minute or so , i really saw the colour green...without words...images or the thought"its green"...and it was amazing. So the saying "grass is green" which we could all say is not the same
as seeing it. One has to really look as though seeing it for the first time. I notice when i pick the children up from school, sometimes atrain will whizz past , and all the kids stop and look, every time... but none of the adults do ! they have their images of the train, whereas the children look anew,,, well thats enough for now of my random ramblings. bye , au revoir, ciao,later dudes and dudettes and inbetweens...

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Re: still seeking "it"

Post by Tony-S-Ma » Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:24 am

The flesh of magical moments mysteriously connected together generates more than just bodily excitement, emotional longing, and mental expectation :) That knowing always makes one thankful for being alive. (Can anybody invent a face for thankfulness?)

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