worldly/spiritual divide...

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worldly/spiritual divide...

Postby void » Wed Jul 12, 2006 5:17 pm

we have divided life into the worldly and the spiritual,,, i think this may be an error and result in alot of illusions.... The worldly man wants a car, and though the so called spiritual man may smile at that, he too wants something doesnt he? by sitting in a certain position, looking at certain things, listening in a certain way, modifying his behaviour etc... he too is hoping for a gain of some kind,,, be it enlightenment, or clarity....
the object of want changes, but both of us are still wanting.
When we look at the trees we want perhaps...
can we just look,without distorting and filtering everything through the wanting mind?
the senses job is to sense! and give us a complete picture of life on earth,.
can the eyes simply see, the ears simply hear? etc,,,, because the minute wanting, comes in what is seen or heard is distorted.
Dont say, i will try not to want! because then again you want the reward for not wanting! it becomes hopeless, and thats good, so give it up
and the senses will sense everything with no mind interference.
Then you may see the earth and all things as though for the first time
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