God - Science - Darwin

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God - Science - Darwin

Post by hanss » Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:55 pm

Interesting stuff If you have not already seen it. Scientists claim to have proof of some greater intelligence, creator. Ten small separate video parts:

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Re: God - Science - Darwin

Post by Jman » Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:08 am

Fairly interesting but I'm still on the fence. The argument is basically evolution can't explain where the information in DNA has come from and the fossil records don't quite match Darwins tree of life drawing. We don't understand how natural selection could create the information in DNA so it must of been put there by a creator. It felt a bit bias to me.

Using gaps in our understanding to refute the scientific argument didn't impress too much.

There was an explanation using the monkeys example on why random mutations wouldn't create the info inside DNA but no explanation on why the natural selection theory's "didnt work" which would of been more interesting.
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Re: God - Science - Darwin

Post by noman » Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:44 am

So who created the creator god?

I'll stick to non-duality and evolutionary theory, thanks

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Re: God - Science - Darwin

Post by abombing » Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:31 am

A perfect example of the mind's need to have an explination for everything. There are things that we can never understand with the mind, but it's very difficult for us to accept that. "Intelligent design" seems to insinuate we were created by a way of thinking similar to ours. I think to some extent we need to accept we can't comprehend this..

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Re: God - Science - Darwin

Post by snowheight » Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:37 am

At 1:45 in part two of the series, Lee says that his conclusion (his "Ureka! moment"), based on the Miller-Urey experiment was:

"If you can show scientifically that life can emerge without any outside assistance, then God is out of a job"

I remember feeling exactly the same way when I learned of this experiment from Carl Sagan's Cosmos.

Later philosophical reflection, however, caused me to refine this view as calling into question only the simplistic view of creation offered by the myths, as perhaps God set up the initial conditions of the Universe such that evolution to life forms like us on a planet like this were inevitable.

There certainly is quite a bit of information that would lead someone to this conclusion -- there are many facts about the Universe which taken together reveal an uncanny and precarious balance that leads us here.

Certainly, no matter how far science goes, no matter what we discover in the future, there will always be another "what came before THAT?" -- the big bang is not the beginning of the story, so to speak.

So fine ... even if you do accept a creator, what is this creator? Does the creator encompass the creation or stand outside of it?

Cosmology shows us that habitable environments and life are rare. So are these things precious? If you are reading this, consider the odds, given the extent, even of our small solar system, that the atoms and molecules that make up your brain would have eventually wound up there given the state and extent of the gas cloud from which the system formed. So are those long odds and the outcome the result of luck? If so, what is the difference between that luck and the theistic notion of "God's Grace", or "God's Love"?

Just as the childlike simplicity of the myths are called into question by science, a trip down the road of logic and reason applied to such questions reveals a flaw in the notion of a God only of good. Opposites create one another. Opposites define one another.

There was, in early Christianity, a group who called themselves the Gnostics who presented a viewpoint that could perhaps be considered non-dualistic in nature. The were violently suppressed by the voices that won the day, and ultimately, perhaps this is a function of the world in which we live as much as the inevitability of our own emergence from the primordial soup. This world of form has these poles, and they exist in such a fashion that while careful examination may put the fallacy to the notion of an absolute, the absolutes might as well be a fact. Perhaps cultures which blindly ignore the underlying paradox of the notion of Good and Evil are bound to be more materially successful that those that do not.
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Re: God - Science - Darwin

Post by Sighclone » Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:36 pm

Tim Freke, a fine nondual author has also written on the Gnostics: "The Jesus Mysteries." I have not read it...


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