Mastering Eckhart's teaching

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Mastering Eckhart's teaching

Post by EckhartMastery » Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:57 am

I'd like to dedicate this topic to purely post about mastering the teaching of PON and ANE.
We all know that one can read PON and not have any life changes, and we know that one can read one page of Eckhart's books and undergo a complete inner transformation.
The difference is what we 'do' with the teachings.
I've been read 'A Bug Free Mind' by Andy Shaw and was absolutely blow away by the clarity and simplicity of his teachings. His two part series involves learning to remove the bugs/ego from the mind, and secondly, learning to use your bug free mind. One of the most powerful aspects to the books is Andy's passionate awareness of the ego's ability to trick us into thinking we know something. The way he constructed the book was so that he give you the tools necessary for exposing and not identifying with the part of the ego that keeps us from truly KNOWING as opposed to 'knowing'.

Now I can assume that when we all first read PON, we experienced bliss, joy and love at frequent intervals within the one sitting. This is because it is new information, and it is harder for the ego to distort that which it has not yet perceived/received. Once it has though, it can begin the the self talk of "I already know this". Lack of awareness of this fact can be detrimental. It can place years against your progress. From the space of "I already know this" It says - "What else is out there" and will take you off into gathering more information. You think you are be productive by gathering more information as it is how we are brought up, and it makes you feel good upon first glance of this new information; So of course, you do not question your actions. To clarify, I am not talking of our innate longing for truth, but I am speaking of the distracting ego that seeks to prevent us from KNOWING, and creates the illusion of 'knowing'. For KNOWING the teachings of Eckhart would mean the ego would completely dissolve, and we can't have that now can we?? (:

So Knowing is the secret to enlightenment?

Coming back to mastery... I think a crucial part to mastery is KNOWING the teachings. Please share what you feel is important to do in order to embody these teachings.

P.S If you have dis-identified with the ego that deludes us with 'knowing' and move into KNOWING please share your experience as to what you did for that to occur.


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Re: Mastering Eckhart's teaching

Post by ZenOfchaos » Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:03 am

This is something I need to understand better. I'm aware that this happens because I find myself saying and doing these types of things; ie reading more, watching more vids, listening to new audio. Also when times are bad, like now, I get into a state of confusion and worry where the mind says things like "you should know this already...its not working it musn't be true..." etc

It seems I have always been this way. I "get things" straight away. Even when listening to TPON the first time I had no reason to listen to the questions. It resonated and I understood everything. In fact the questions all seemed stupid! But after a while it all reversed and I found myself asking those same questions plus others.

It's the same story in most areas of my life. When something is new then great. After a while its like..."ok what's next" new stuff please". The "i already know this" is a thorn in my jugular. how do we stop it?

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Re: Mastering Eckhart's teaching

Post by EckhartMastery » Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:23 am

Dear Zen of Chaos,

Firstly you should allow yourself to feel ecstatic right now. You have just discovered one of the most covert/subtle yet most powerful strategies of your ego. Furthermore, now that you are aware, you have overcome the biggest obstacle to change, Identification.

Before I explain how to return to KNOWING not 'knowing', I will tell you a little more about the ego's strategy so you can watch for it:
best thing to do is to assume you don't KNOW anything. Remember when you first read PON, you felt good because you KNEW it. Thus the only reason why the feeling goes away, is not "the law of familiarity" (this is an illusion), it is because you no longer KNOW it. Because sitting in your chair right now, you would feel, love, joy and deep peace. If you do not feel that trinity of existence that is always present it is because you don't KNOW the truths that allow you to.

"The essence of what I'm saying here cannot be understood by the mind.
THE MOMENT YOU GRASP IT, there is a shift in consciousness from mind to being,
From time to presence. Suddenly everything feels alive, radiates energy, emanates being."
See page 50

Eckhart is speaking directly of KNOWING vs 'Knowing'. I did not feel the feelings he describes the first time I read the former paragraph on that page. I was dissatisfied, so I said to myself, "I now CHOOSE to KNOW the former" (he speaks of the illusion of time, and how it is insignificant compared the infinity of the now). I became present and experienced the teachings. You wouldn't believe what happened, I experienced EXACTLY what he described, EXACTLY what the person experienced on the bottom of page 53. It was absolutely wonderful. If I were to make a list of the symptoms of enlightenment, I would have ticked many if not all of them off. The question is, why do I not currently experience the same feeling as I type this reply?

If you ask me (with my current level of experience and understanding), we all experience enlightenment in brief doses. This is because we KNOW for brief period. Therefore, enlightenment is really just a Constant KNOWING of the true nature of reality. So for those attaining enlightenment, one of the most important things we can do is to first learn to KNOW (which I have done), and secondly, Learn to KNOW in a sustained matter (which I have not yet done).
Is this not motivating enough to never again allow yourself to continue the illusion of 'knowing' after you catch yourself doing so?

I have simply shone a light on what the ego's trick is, you must dissolve it, realise (KNOW) you are infinite consciousness - You are all powerful! Observe the ego and see that is empty, hollow and weak, accept it and it will retire.
Remember that your true being want's to return to the truth, so anything that keeps the truth from you is illusion.

Tell me, do you experience lack of desire to apply the teachings? If you do, it is because you have forgotten their power to create change.
Also, I suggest you read the book from start to finish again, any resistance to doing so is simply your ego. Read it again, and choose to KNOW every last sentence, concept and truth. Only then will the power of the worlds greatest book be available to you. There will be times where you will struggle to know due to lack of understanding, read on and come back when ready!

Go get em tiger!

Namaste, Scott.

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