The Game of God

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Re: The Game of God

Post by KathleenBrugger » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:11 am

smiileyjen101 wrote:
I was musing in another topic that the story of the 'fall from grace' has it all upside down, we humans were not 'kicked out' (of Eden) for doing any 'wrong' --- we were 'kicked out' so that we could (perceive it so).

And now I'm wondering if I'm really saying that the nature of 'all' is more aligned to a sociopath - in terms of no guilt/blame etc and that it's all a game.
If 'God' is forgetting
as you said in this description -
Basically its a model of the universe as a game that God is playing—a universe-class roller coaster that provides God every shade of experience possible from a quark to a creature capable of interstellar travel—for the inexpressible joy of being alive. In order to have those experiences, God must forget that It is God.
It stands to reason that the experiences of a sociopath (or any 'thing') is just a 'shade' of experience. By the biological definition then the potential to have/know/experience no love (no oxytocin uptake) is no different to any other.

Why then 'absurd'? - it stands to reason that there could be no rules in the Game that exclude this from being a shade of experience.

I look to this pointer -
2. You can’t mess up. The universe exists so God can experience every shade of limitation possible.
What you're interpreting as 'absurd', I merely see biological cause and effect.
I think we were talking about two different things. Of course the Game of God includes sociopaths as part of the perfection. It just sounded to me when you said the "nature of all" that you were talking about your idea of what God is. That being detached from right/wrong and seeing it as a game means God is basically a sociopath. That's what I was calling absurd. I'm still not sure what you meant but that's ok.
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