The Universal Self

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The Universal Self

Post by Relinquish85 » Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:02 am

You are aware.

As such, You are a 'perceiver'.

You perceive 'ever-changing coherent asymmetry'.

Apparently, You SEEM to be (or have) a particular living body/mind, that exists along with many other different living body/minds, life-forms and non-living forms in a fundamentally non-living reality, all of which is completely different to (and 'perceived' by) the living body/mind that You are (or have).

However, this living body/mind that You seem to be (or have) is actually just as much a part of the 'ever-changing coherent asymmetry' (as are all the many other different living body/minds, life-forms, and the vast multiplicity and diversity of non-living forms that surround them) that is 'perceived' by what You are.

Because this 'ever-changing coherent asymmetry' undeniably remains changelessly 'perceived' by what You are, NO part of it at all (such as ANY body/mind, ANY subpart or 'owner' thereof, or ANYTHING else) can actually BE what You are.

That is to say, in truth, to be able to perceive is to be unable to be perceived, because to be able to be perceived is to be unable to perceive.

Therefore, AS a 'perceiver', You are absolutely changeless, formless and perfectly symmetrical.

As such, in truth, You have no location or edge, and so You do not begin or end. You are infinite and eternal, as the One unthreatenable Emptiness itself.

You are Pure Awareness; the one and only Perceiver that ever TRULY exists.

In truth, the TOTALITY of this 'ever-changing coherent asymmetry' (better known as 'the entire universe') is in fact Your only REAL Organism. As such, It is an inextricable aspect of Your REAL Self.

It gets it's characteristic asymmetrical structure simply from the fact that (being 'finite') it is essentially the inseperable opposite of the one ever-changless, formless and perfectly symmetrical Perceiver that You are.

The only COHERENT ever-changing asymmetry is a 'FRACTAL' ever-changing asymmetry, and that is precisely what is 'perceived'.

ALL apparent 'things' and 'events' are as they are simply because they are all 'parts' of this one eternally cyclic Universal Organism.

Some of the 'nerve ends' of the Organism are of such an extreme level of physical complexity that they have the natural capacity to become 'hypnotized' by their surroundings. This hypnosis makes it seem to these 'nerve ends' as if there is a uniquely isolated, finite and temporary consciousness functioning within each one of them, which in turn gives rise to the illusion that they are the autonomous originators of their own particular movements.

As such, the absolute harmony that naturally exists between all the 'parts' of the Organism (and therefore, the Organism itself) is impossible to be seen by these hypnotized nerve ends. In it's place is seen a situation that seems confusingly fragmented, hostile and threatening. Seeing this, the hypnotized nerve ends are bound to suffer.

But this harmony certainly IS Here and Now, outside of the hypnosis, ever-patiently awaiting 'our' realization of (and resting in) it.

In this resting, there can be no suffering...

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Re: The Universal Self

Post by PureLand » Mon Jun 03, 2019 4:34 pm

There are different ways to experience the Universal Self and especially one of them is easier to describe it with the words-although it is not possible to completely to describe it because it is beyond form. I experienced many types of ultimate reality realization and one of them is easier to describe...I think Adyashanti's experience that he talks about in this talk was the same experience that I had.--Although the "I" completely dissapeared in that experience so it was not really my experience LOL (Video's 14:09-14:32 part is about the experience):

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