Pain body experience/need more guidance

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Pain body experience/need more guidance

Post by Verbiousone » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:21 pm

So I've finally been able to recognize a pain body. I was lied to and lived a life based on a lie and decisions I made based on my ego, family, religious, and social guilt.

I'm getting out of a 20+ year marriage and have moved on. I found a woman that I really love. Our circumstances are not great. We both have our own circle of people and we both enjoy talking to people. She made a friend that I could be friends with. She introduced us, we talked, have much in common, and many similar experiences.

I thought that I had made peace with my past. It turns out that my pain body was activated, not once, but twice recently. I did not think or feel that she was being truthful about something related to our new friend and that set off the pain body. I don't want to punish her or hurt her because of my painful past, but I think I already did.

I'm just not sure how to control or minimize the effect of the pain body.

I feel like I've back slid here in my progress because I thought I could control it after the first episode.

Would greatly appreciate any and all advice, tips, tricks, suggestions!

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