Your mind is the culprit

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Re: Your mind is the culprit

Post by 2p0p » Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:46 am

Noordzee wrote.....'I have always been very good in counselling others but have not been able to apply to same principles to myself. Sounds familiar?' is in my history too,i was quite good at theory,this doesn't mean that the theories
were necessarily wrong,some were no doubt,but more often i lacked the wherewithall to carry them out-'a house devided cannot stand' kind of situation,my mind would not submit to my spirit,then again my mind never knew it had to,so i won't blame the mind,but if i walk in the light of just being,i'm seeing the mind fall into line by itself.
Early days yet,time will tell-but i have been greatly encouraged by ET and this forum so far.

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Re: Your mind is the culprit

Post by NoordZee » Mon Aug 04, 2008 3:35 am

2pOp wrote
Instead of being lost in your thinking, when you are awake you recognize yourself as the awareness behind it.
Yes, and ET writes on the same page: "The initiation of the awakening process is an act of grace. You cannot make it happen nor can you prepare yourself for it or accumulate credits toward it. There is nothing you can do about awakening." Well, this poses a challenge. If you cannot do anything about it, how or when does that act of grace let you awaken? Intellectualizing this concept merely induces the mind to add the concept of awakening to your mind or the mental image of what an awakened or enlightened person is like, and then try to live up to that image. (P260). ET adds: "If you find this book incomprehensible or meaningless, it has not yet happened to you." In a way, I consider that this latter statement can be used to write any material, no matter how factual or meaningless and then hide behind this statement. I hasten to add that ET would not be the sort of person who uses this statement as a cop out. I don't find his writing meaningless but it ain't easy either.

ET continues on page 261: "Awareness is the space in which thoughts exist when that space has become conscious of itself." I guess what he says is that, when you are aware of Being, you become aware of your thoughts, rather than being identified with them within the dimensions of time and future (Page 263).

Finally, like you pO2p, I find this forum very elucidating and helpful. It allows me to write down my thoughts on this subject and benefit from the input from others.
"Veritas vos liberabit"

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Re: Your mind is the culprit

Post by Devagni » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:47 am

Having made my comments about Evolve Your Brain, I've now finished it and in a way it seems a bit weird.

Because right at the end he starts talking about what you can do about all of this stuff, but only in a most tangential manner.

It almost reads like an undergraduate essay where the student has failed to understand the question and only really started at the end.

Nevertheless, the part on physiology was interesting and I did enjoy the book. He should have started with his opening thesis, though, and made it clear throughout the book what the whole premiss was, and weaved this in with the brain physiology bit.

For the ending is a bit weak; we can rewire our brains, we need to go through mental rehearsals, physical rehearsals, etc. We know all of that.

Anyway, by for now.


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Re: Your mind is the culprit

Post by 2p0p » Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:02 am

Grace... yes grace-unmerited favour or a gift, a huge fork in the road of the intellectual discovery of this '' awakening''. Some say it is totally a gift-others say it is by doing the ''work''; a mystery, to me, a paradox.

I am such a slow typer, that I am learning to write letters with a voice recognition program, this is similar to another experience I am having, which is-learning to live out of my spirit rather than living out of my head-interesting times indeed.

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