Ideas on desire :)

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Ideas on desire :)

Post by mikeun1992 » Tue May 08, 2012 8:59 pm

Just some ideas ive had in the past weeks on desire which ive used and have really hepled me. Maybe they'll help you maybe not but I hope so :) Sometimes it's a bit radical and extreme but I dont mean it to be quite so harsh :P

the energy frequency of mind, no matter what it is, that energy is suffering, in a sense, because its a self, the energy of the present moment is intense peace and joy, so even if you were in paradise with everything you could ever want, if your living in mind frequency you will be or become intensely unhappy, so conditions are irrelevant, what matters is your state of conciousness.
mind is just a frequency of suffering.
and the ONLY reason you want something in form is because you want to add those thought forms to your mind/sense of self, but going into that world of mind and time will cause you endless suffering, so its really pointless in a sense to desire from form because your desiring more thought and so more suffering.

but never ever ever deny your desires or repress them, they are part of who you have become, so simply acknowledge it, confess it, own it, allow it to be there, watch it and the thoughts that may accopany it, then disengage from it by recognising it as futile, and return fully to the present moment, dont believe in the desire having any power to bring peace, it can't do that.

have compassion for the small self/mind and its desires, watch them.

in truth you dont want the content of the desire, you want to know who you are more fully, the joy of being, you want to be more present.

its only the small you, the personal you who wants the desire, the true you desires nothing.

so sure its pleasant to have nice things and have things more to your liking, but never ever leave the present moment and go into your mind in search for more peace or joy, it will never work.

and in a way when you want something to be different, you dont, because that being different means you will become abosrbed into the mind, and then suffer :) instead what you really want is to become more settled in the present moment.

because the only way you actually get the benefits of what you think you want is through going into the mind, and so you suffer, to get any benefit from a desire fulfilled you have to think about it, otherwise whats the difference lol, ad if you think about it you'll begin to suffer. or you might use those thoughts to make an identity for yourself and so suffer that way.

so let any desire , anything less than peace and ease whatsoever be a little reminder, oh, i need to relax, allow whatever is to be, and become more present. its never to do with the actual situation itself.

when you think you want form, you really want formless

nothing out there in the world of form will ever satisfy you, nothing in a sense of self/mind will ever satify you, only the present moment, coming here fully will give you want you want.

with any desire, what you unconcously want are either the thought forms that accopany having that desire, or the absence of fearful/worry/lack thoughts that accopany not having what you want. the actual content of the desire is irrelvant
what you dont unconciously know however is through having the desire met and thus adding those thoughts to your sense of self, you thus begin to suffer
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Re: Ideas on desire :)

Post by kiki » Tue May 08, 2012 9:32 pm

Hello mikeun1992, and welcome to the board. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Re: Ideas on desire :)

Post by Blenderhead » Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:07 am

I like your post :-)


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